Ariel Horwitz, Digital Evangelist

I fall in love with technology and then use my skills to spread education and excitement


Autodidact - A fast and independent learner, I can teach myself practically anything from the Internet. This generally makes my skill set more wide than deep.

Technology - Technically-inclined and love to learn how technologies and systems work. Very proficient in using software to get things done: documents and spreadsheets, scripting and automation, collaboration platforms, encryption, and building websites. I am not a software developer (yet).

Education - I love writing, explaining, and presenting things I understand in talks and presentations, lessons, articles, guides, and on video. On social media, I much prefer organic, grassroots exposure than directed publishing tool suites. I don't consider myself a marketer.

Organization (and Management) - I like to design workflows and manage projects; using tools for collaboration, communication, and management. This tends to work best when I'm the hardest (and most excited) working team member.

Bilingual - I speak both English and Hebrew fluently. I can also speak some basic scripting, HTML, CSS, C++, and generally feel comfortable in highly technical conversations.

Things I do:


Founder and TLA of AlefBit - The first Bitcoin educational website in Hebrew, widely considered to be the most trusted resource for Bitcoin in Hebrew - entirely built from scratch by me. Project is currently outdated.

Community Manager for the Israeli Bitcoin Association - Assisting with community relations and communications, online presence, content, as well as various event organization. I was basically a handyman doing everything needed done for a non-profit and entailed a huge variety of work.

Former Ambassador at the Bitcoin Embassy TLV - Ambassadors of the embassy are volunteers who help manage and administrate the embassy and its operations; including community events, workshops, support and information for visitors, and various embassy management duties.

Activist and former admin of the BTCIL Facebook Group - A well-known and highly trusted personality of the Israeli community, having involvement in many of the community initiatives and spending lots of time helping newbies to understand and use Bitcoin.

Computer technician - Working for the college where I studied, I would fix problems with various equipment, perform maintenance tasks at the computer labs, and sometimes produce scripts that would make the routine more efficient. I have also worked independently helping people with their personal computers.

Things I have done:


Decentralization (and Bitcoin)
Decentralized technologies are the bomb!

Consumer technology
Operating systems, standards, protocols. I can't use new software without customizing it.

I love that math is basically the science of security in the 21st century. I may not be a proper expert but I'd gladly show off how secure my digital assets are.

Bitcoin is the nexus of technology, economics, and geopolitics. You learn so much just trying to learn about Bitcoin.


Theoretical physics should blow your mind, and if they don't you simply haven't learned enough about them. I would argue that computers and robots are on the path to be considered living organisms and advances in AI will only make this more apparent. I think of it as silicon-based biology/neurology.

I used to think languages are stupid, until I started inventing my own and tried to use it. There's something special about learning something by trying to build it yourself. Interesting stuff.

Public policy (and history)
This is possibly the most difficult field of study I have ever approached. Humans are complex, yo.


I mostly play DotA2, but I have a thing for Chess, Prismata, The Resistance: Avalon, Settlers of Catan, Don't Starve, and more. I have discovered that there is a nice variety of games which offer different and exciting challenges as a player. eSports is a thing by the way.

While I no longer really identify as an anarchist, I do strongly sympathize with social, economic, and vegan principles of non-violence.