Bot Royale

Framework for writing and training AI bots and watching them compete in a game of Battle Royale. Includes a GUI, detailed online documentation, examples, and guides. Published on PyPI.


IDE for Python including auto completion, syntax highlighting, code analysis, linting, file management, and more.


Real-time action game developed entirely in Python and Kivy.

Media Compression

Proof of concept for audio and image file compression and analysis using a custom implementation of the FFT algorithm.


Framework for building turn-based multiplayer games in Python. Includes an asynchronous server for hosting multiple games with end-to-end encryption, easy-to-use client, detailed online documentation, examples, and guides.

Scuffed Turing

Electronic circuit simulator for simple logic gates. Includes a turing-complete computer using a 16-bit von Neumann architecture - from logic gates all the way to microcode.